Gabriele Bonadio


Gabriele Bonadio obtained a License in Law at La Sapienza University, Pisa (Italy) and then specialized in private comparative law in e-business, e-data protection, e-consummation in Europe and the United-States, at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa.

He is specialized in contract law and redaction of contracts regarding new technologies.

After his admission to the Pisa bar, he worked at the Studio Legale Bonadio in the same city.

In the end of 2010, he joined the KBB law firm as a partner and privileged consultant for cases regarding Italian law or european and international law on new technologies.

He is also president of the CISG (Centro Studi Informatica Giuridica) in Pisa.

In addition, he regularly gives conferences and animates seminars or forums of discussion organized by firms, private individuals or Universities.


  1. -Pisa bar (Italy)

  1. -Licence in Law (La Sapienza University, Pisa)

  2. -specialization in private comparative law in new technologies (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa)

  1. -Italian

  2. -english

  1. -new technologies law

  2. -contract law

  3. -e-business law

  4. -litigation

  1. -President of the CSIG (Centro Studi Informatica Giuridica), Pisa

  2. -Ordine Avvocati di Pisa

  1. -tel: +41 22 772 20 00

  2. -fax: +41 22 772 20 01

  3. -email:

  1. -tel: +39 050 580608

  2. -email: