Jean-Claude KLONIS


Jean-Claude Klonis is specialized in financial planning and macro-strategy.

After studies in law and economics, he rapidly joined his fields of expertise: national and international financial planning and financial and economic flows analysis.

In optimization and financial planning cases, he defines the societal schemes in agreement with off-shore and swiss national legislation, as well as with international conventions.

Active as support on some legal cases, he brings his macro-strategic vision. On economic cases, both civil or criminal, he follows financial flows and reads corporate structures.

Alongside his activity at the law firm, he is also active in the cars field as a supercars expert.

  1. -License in Law

  2. -License in Economics

  1. -french

  2. -english

  3. -german and swiss-german

  4. -greek

  1. -financial planning

  2. -corporate structures

  3. -management oversight

  4. -macrostrategy

  1. -tel: +41 22 772 20 00

  2. -fax: +41 22 772 20 01

  3. -email: